What is GiNM?

  GiNM means GiNM is Not a Messenger.
  The software has this name because the principal focus of it is the Instant Imaging.
   Instant Imaging is the same concept of Instant Messaging, but with images!
   GiNM is a Jabber client for Linux and has many features as any instant messaging client: contact list, presence control, exchange of messages, blocking users, etc.

Why Jabber?

 Because this network is known as the Linux of Instant Messaging[1]. It is a protocol 100% open source and has a very good documentation. Furthermore, Jabber has the protocol Socks5 ByteStream[2] which describes a mean of sending files through a proxy, avoiding problems with firewalls. This approach is very important when the focus of the software is the end-user who can be in a college or company that has a firewall, so the file transfers will be blocked.

Why CamStream?
Because I don't understand anything about V4L  (Video 4 Linux) and the CamStream[3] is a very good software that has several features already implemented and I will not remake the wheel.

What Can I do with GiNM?

You can do everything that involves images! Several use cases can be created. For instance, you can monitor your house, car or your baby using the Timer of GiNM and send these pictures everywhere you are!
You can take pictures of a medical/biological experiment and keep totally control of it. You can exchange pictures of everything in the vision field of the webcam and TV Capture Cards with anyone who uses GiNM.

Webcam Driver

The installation of Webcam will depend on the model. GiNM was tested in the Slackware 10.1 and Suse 10.1 with the driver spcaxx[4]. My models are LG WebPro and Genius V4, both working with this driver.


Who did it? 

Me! My name is Gabriel Menezes Nunes and I'm a science computer student from Brazil. I did this project because I would like to train network programming and QT. Also, I wanted to make more interesting things with my webcam.

 [1] www.jabber.org

 [2] http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0065.html

 [3] http://www.smcc.demon.nl/camstream/

 [4] http://mxhaard.free.fr/





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